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Start here if you are new to the site and please follow the rules.
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By ezyemc2 Jul 7, 14
Official news and announcements.
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By CourtRoom M 2 hours ago
Let us know what you think about our cool new website!
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By Murda Inc Jul 10, 14
Need help with something related to our website? Post here.
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By DJRoyale Jul 16, 14
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Introduce yourself to the NGT Community!
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By babais1337 Tue at 0:17
Discussion about general topics.
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By SpiderBite A 7 hours ago
Whether it's Twitter, YouTube, or something else...let people know you're out there!
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By FebzOG Wed at 22:12
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For all other discussions not covered in the Forum topics below.
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By DemonDHarris M 5 hours ago
Talk about games like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Titanfall, etc.
18 145
By Thompson Jul 17, 14
Come on you Starcraft and other RTS fans, discuss your games!
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By leo11 Jun 29, 14
What RPG's are you guys playing and/or looking forward to?
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By DemonDHarris M Jun 5, 14
You know we love Zombies here at NGT. Yes, there is an entire Forum Group for CoD Zombies so let's discuss other zombie games here.
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Discuss games like Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, Assassin's Creed, etc.
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By TatiTheFreaK Jun 25, 14
Forza? FIFA? Basketball and Football Games? Forza and Need for Speed? Discuss here!
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By DemonDHarris M Jul 12, 14
For those of you who are Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, or other mobile game junkies!
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By DemonDHarris M Jun 13, 14
Super Mario, Pokemon, and other older-genre games discussions.
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By NonFormido M Mar 7, 14
Discuss the latest news about your favorite games!
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By CWP24 Jul 13, 14
Looking for a group to play with? Post here
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By FluffyKing Wed at 3:15
Call of Duty Zombies
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For all other Custom CoD discussions.
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There are no new posts
Here you will find details about a contest we run monthly to give back to map makers.
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By DemonDHarris M Mon at 18:48
Post your completed custom maps here.
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By greeniezk5 o 6 hours ago
This is for maps not yet completed.
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By greeniezk5 o 5 mins ago
This section is strictly for written and/or video tutorials.
12 38
By n123q45 Sat at 10:34
Need help mapping or want to help others? Go here.
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By dominixer Thu at 4:33
Discuss your theories, timeline, etc. relating to the CoD Zombies Storyline.
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By Mr Stabby Mar 18, 14
What are your theories about the future of the CoD Zombies series?
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By DJRoyale Jul 17, 14
NGT Clans, Crews, Platoons, & Hosted Multiplayer & Cooperative Servers
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This is our NGT Community Battlefield: Bad Company 2 multiplayer server!
3 25
By Sharaus93 May 30, 14
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Made a new video/drawing and want to show it off? Here's the place
4 41
By ThunderGivesMeGlee3 May 31, 14
Contests ran from our community staff! Check here often to see what's running
3 80
By Lindseh_ C Wed at 22:39
Talk about RIG building, gaming setups, and all other tech topics!
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By SnipsRevival M May 21, 14
Show off your media work, whether it be graphics, video, or any other media design work.
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By DJRoyale Tue at 22:26
Talk about artists you like/dislike and your favourite movies and television series.
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By SnipsRevival M Mon at 21:58
Yes, we know there will be some. If they get too annoying, we reserve the right to heavily mod this area. (Post count disabled)
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By WhiteWolf_IWD 10 hours ago
Want to talk about something completely unrelated, here you go
18 173
By DemonDHarris M Jun 13, 14
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NGTPorn needs to be a thing, just sayin', but really for 1mil on Zombs it should be a replay of something iconic to the channel and I recall Ascension being a big thing back in the day
It would be awesome if a map maker can combine more than one Zombies map into one huge coliseum. like connect Shi No Numa with Der Riese or something. LOL.
I think they'd rather do NGTPorn than another Acension run xD
I'd be down for another Ascension run!
For 1,000,000 subs you should either make NGTPorn a thing, or do another world record attempt on Ascension
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