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Calling all survivors!

SpiderBite A posted Mar 3, 16
I can confirm at this point that the re-application has been sent and we have inquired about a timeframe. At this point we are waiting for DBG to respond to us.

In the meantime, players from the old server can continue to re-apply for a key on this thread. If and when the server goes live all these users will be double-checked and fast-tracked with a key to get you online. After that has been done a new thread shall be set up for new applicants to start going through the process. Trayen and AtKnite (Sgt. Diachi) will continue to kindly help Suley and I with this. How strict we are with the vetting process will depend on whether or not admin tools exist with this new server so pay attention to the OP of that thread.

No servers that have been applied for have gone live yet. So don't worry in thinking that we're behind others. Right now we're at the same stage as everyone.

Apologies for not being as forthcoming with information until now. It's been said a couple of times by Suley and I but neither of us like updating unless there's actually some news. The idea to constantly post that we know nothing new felt futile. However, I understand that the feeling of being left in the dark can be frustrating and that frustration just reflects your eagerness to be back on the server; I can appreciate that.

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SpiderBite A posted Sep 29, 15

Here is a new post.

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SpiderBite A posted Sep 28, 15

This map is a FANTASTIC re-make of Kino der Toten! It's got great detail but is missing any form of Easter Egg. The Nova Crawlers are a real pain too!

Map Download Link:

Created By: Smasher248

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